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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rightabout over us in washington. now, it has moved to the south but as it came through, one at the other, we were getting those lines. that is the reason for the torrential rains. here is our local lot of live. you can see there's still a warning that just about is down now for the charlottesville area. that is where the spot is now. that still has some pretty hot spots south of fredericksburg but from here on in, things will really improve. our temperature in washington because of the storm has dropped into the 70's, but look to our north -- boston and burlington -- that is a 20- degree temperature drop, and some of that really delightful air is coming our way. i will give you details when i join you in a few minutes. >> the biggest problem with these slow-moving storms is the rain. abc 7 is in alexandria this afternoon. our cameras you see your with the rains piled up quickly. drivers had to navigate through the high waters but there were
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no major problems reported. but plenty of other problems around the area in the news to report because of the storms. >> it was a really close call there. thanks to a tree that toppled in the storm. is that right. >> that is right. this potent storm nearly killed a woman almost in the spot where i am standing. a huge limb from this tree fell on to a passing car along the 1300 block of massachusetts avenue in southeast washington. the car was pulled. the female driver seriously injured. one witness says that the driver avoided death by only inches. then the trees seemed to hit the whole car because it was caved in. but there was one brands that went through the windshield. >> with the woman in the car? >> yes. just inches away from killing her. >> get this -- a couple of residents tell me that the city
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has approved a number of the limbs off of the street, but not the limb that came crashing down. >> thank you. and keep in mind, if you have any pictures or video of the storms we ask you to please send them to us. we will post them on our website for you and your neighbors to take a look at. >> all right. also tonight, a lofty plan by natural to get the work done and also keep writers and formed at the same time same keyriders informed. tonight, we've got a look at just how the work is going to get done. chris van cleve is live at metro center tonight with more on these plans. at the big headline here -- metro is fundamentally changing the way they do their scheduled maintenance. they say it will let them get work done faster and will cause your inconveniences' for most of the people on the line being worked on at the time.
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>> it is no secret metro is in the midst of a host system repairs and upgrades as it works to meet the safety recommendations laid out by the ntsb. currently, metro has trains sharing a single track during this project, but that is about to train -- that is about to change. >> they will not be sitting on a track waiting for a train to come in the opposite direction. we could be 20 minutes or more and anyone on the line will suffer from that. >> the agency will shut down both directions and do all the work in that one area at once, providing buses to bridge the service got around that work. >> the purpose for this is to isolate delays for that won portions of the rest of the line can operate pretty close to normal schedule and allow us to get more work done. >> metro says it will be able to complete the recommended track circuit replacement on the red line 18 months sooner than previously planned. . riders were split on the idea. >> i think it would help a lot.
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i think that is important. >> i do not like that. that is a roundabout way. i want a straight route. >> sounds like a good solution. we will see how it works out. >> i like having a single track rather than have to get up and go back again. >> metro has also put all of the scheduled maintenance on its website through june of 2012. we have a link to that ad if you want to check it out. >> thanks. we are following a developing story coming in from india where three explosions have rocked mumbai. the blast happened in a market, a crowded neighborhood, and a busy business street. 20 people are dead with more than 100 others injured. india was a minister calls the last part of a coordinated terror attack. no one has claimed responsibility. >> now, in this country, we turn to the latest in the debt showdown. once again tonight, a meeting at
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the white house to discuss the country's possible date with the fall. tonight, the house speaker says raising the debt ceiling by august 2 is a "crapshoot." this while other lawmakers push to make sure americans get paid they're military salaries and social security. john has the latest for us tonight. >> here is how frustrating the talks or raising the nation's credit limit has gotten. the negotiators are criticizing themselves. >> if these debt negotiations have convinced us of anything it is that we cannot leave it to politicians in washington to make the difficult decisions they need to get our fiscal house in order. >> an ironic statement from a politician in washington. the fed chairman bernanke warned that failing to raise the debt ceiling before the government runs out of money august to which be disastrous. >> a huge financial calamity, which in turn would affect everybody. >> but agreed in there's a problem in agreeing on a solution are two different things. republicans are still insisting
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they've been noted tax rates. democrats are still resisting cuts in entitlements like social security and medicare. some denied a debt crisis even exists. michele bachmann and others back a deal on spending that would prioritize military spending in case no deal is reached. they did not specify what would not get paid. >> president obama is holding the full faith and credit of united states hostage so that he can continue his spending spree. >> the frustration was evident at the white house. >> there are some who seem to believe that this is not a serious and consequential situation. >> the house speaker is frustrated, too. he told reporters dealing with the white house is like dealing with jell-o -- the only thing they have been firm on, he says, is tax increases. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 6:00, new standards for your child's toys. see how the government is cracking down on lead once
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again. >> also, say goodbye to the savings bond as we know it. a look at the changes coming from the treasury department. rupert murdoch's media empire under fire overseas, and now possible
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>> we are back with major
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developments in the phone hacking scandal across the atlantic. >> news corp.'s rupert murdoch has withdrawn his takeover bid for britain's sky broadcasting. this comes as a criminal investigation gets under way into the phone hacking a firestorm. back to the newsroom with developments in the story. >> it is being called britain's watergate, and since rupert murdoch has a major media presence in the u.s. and worldwide, the scandal is being closely watched here in washington. >> it started with a simple royal me injury for prince william, reported in 2005 by "news of the world." that leak led to a police investigation and charges the paper hacked into the house of windsor's phone lines, but it was not until this month that the british public learned from britain's "guardian" newspaper that politicians murder victims, and many others had also been have. today, after a meeting at 10 downing street, the family of a
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13-year-old murder victim says they are glad the prime minister is now launching a full investigation. the family believes their daughter might be alive if the "news of the world" reporters deleted key messages from their families phone lines. >> politicians for all three parties have liaised and reacted so quickly in response to the outrage of the public. >> british officials had been accused of kowtowing to rupert murdoch, but today after prime minister cameron met with the girl's family he let it be known he welcomed murdoch as a surprise announcement he is a rendering his bid to buy bskyb a lucrative british satellite company. former prime minister gordon brown said his family was devastated when murdoch reported illegally obtained their sons records, revealing he was battling cystic fibrosis. >> robert knox and his family heirs owned and run many major u.s. properties. fox news corp., the new york post, and the "wall street journal."
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none have yet been accused of engaging in phone hacking or illegal activities, but new charges that 9/11 victims with british ties were allegedly subject to phone hacking have led to senate leaders now vowing a washington investigation as well. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a warming -- warning for drivers. it lays on the belt with the next meetings. we will tell you where and when it will happen. ben and cooler temperatures in the near future. the forecast after the break. >> the united states soccer team has another heart stopping world cup game. this one with a french twist. and how about last night in north carolina?
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tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. >> more concerns being raised tonight over the future of the metro dulles rail project. >> members of the board of supervisors are questioning the transportation secretary's fervent plan for it. it would be required to build a metro station on route 20. federal loans would be available for the project but fairfax officials argue the county is
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already taking on too much of the financial responsibility. >> be prepared for delays if you plan to travel on the beltway near tyson's corner overnight. closings intimately between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. these are 15-minute closures to accommodate the rail project. work began last night and will continue through saturday morning. >> renewed efforts to remove toxic lead from children's toys. the consumer product safety commission voted to reduce the allowed amount of lead to one of the lowest limits in the world. the limit is suspected to be cut to 100 parts per million, which means that toys for children under the age of 12 will go from about 99.97% lead free to 99.99% lead free. banks are changing the way to say for your child's future appear that is because today the treasury department announced it is phasing out those paper savings bonds that
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are sold at banks. starting january 1 anyone interested in buying a savings bond -- guess what? you have to buy one on one. shipped from paper to electronic savings bonds will save some $70 million over the next five years. >> but the price tag for the sense of security when you have something in your hand. that is what that is all about. like tomorrow's forecast. i give it to you, and you have a sense of security. here is how we look outside. we tap into our weather but network, and folks saying the flooding -- you can get an idea when you look at arlington. almost 2.5 inches of rain, and there was that moving water, a water rescue so we have this line, and also some of those trains -- that is one shower after another following, and that is how some of those torrential rains really happened. our temperature -- our high- temperature today in washington into the 90's before we had that line coming in, and now our
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temperature has dropped here into the 70's. is also in the 70's to our north around syracuse, but that is where the cool refreshing air is. look at the dew point, not too far to our north. in new york city right now they have their refreshing air, so that is the air that will be coming in now that we have seen the last of these wild storms coming in as our wins turn more to the northwest. overnight tonight, we will continue to see all of these storms move well to our south. there are still watches but they are way to the south of us now. there is the line moving through washington over the last couple of hours. also, the lightning now. there was a lot of lightning power outages -- thousands and thousands. there is fredericksburg. you can see what is left of it now moving into the north pier from here on in in our high for local future cast while there is one sell out a run more intent that might yet move around. fredericksburg, by and large. i think that is it. we have seen the last of the spirit as we go through tomorrow, there is our future
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cast. big area of high pressure comes in, so a big area of dry air -- delightful dry air. not only for tomorrow, but right on in to friday and also the weekend. tomorrow and temperatures will be into the 80's, but it will be refreshing 80's. when you get up and head out you will really notice a difference with that nice, low humidity. very comfortable tomorrow. temperatures in the low to mid 80's, but a sparkling blue sky and best of all it remains comfortable right on into friday and saturday, and also quiet. no repeat of today's wild weather for the weekend. that is the latest. >> seems like everybody here now is a soccer fan. >> did you watch it? isn't it great? it is fun to watch. the last time the united states won the world cup was 1999. mia hamm, brandy chastain, and
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the rest of the team. 12 years later, a states has positioned itself to win again. the title game is sunday against japan because this afternoon in germany, the usa france at high at one, all the momentum belonged with the french until this. what a pass. what a header. game-winner. she's not score three goals in the last three games. a thunderous header in the 79th minute. american fans could finally agreed. united states beat france. the final was 3-1. >> at this point, it is about a once and more, who is willing to leave it out on the field. i know we are going to pull through. i just had a belief in the steam, and everybody feels it. >> for baseball fans, the national league won its second straight all-star game last night, and national league pitchers have won them both. that when you some trivia games. let's go back to phoenix with the american league lead 1- nothing. tyler camp in to face is only
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that of the game. how about this? trying to score from second. here comes the throat. good tag. get him out of there. they're out of the inning, clifford's night was over but he was still the pitcher of record in the bottom of the fourth. pitch to deep center field. 410 feet. cut them all. the national league beat the american league's five-one and get home field in the fall classic. the british open starts in less than 10 hours now, and the winds at royal st. george's have kicked up the time. will they settle down by teatime? if they do not and does not stop it, it does not bode well for the americans, and certainly not for phil mickelson. he has played in 11 british opens and never finished better than top 20. he missed the cut twice. he struggles on the courses but he somehow thinks the americans have a pretty good chance. >> even though we do not have necessarily anybody in the top five or the top however many in the world ranking, i do feel good about american golf.
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we have good young players, good young talent coming up, and i would not be surprised to see them contend this week. >> he finishes 24. john will play in the pro-am last night in north carolina. he schooled julia's hodge -- julius hodge. jw is just too quick. he was breaking ankles, putting on a show. he turns to his homestead in north carolina and brings the curtain down. a spectacular night in raleigh. remember that guy who caught up derek jeter's home run ball but give it back because it was the 3000 hit? the yankees gave him a bunch of memorabilia, but the irs said they would tax all that stuff. the kid's only 23 years old. miller high life says if they do they will pay him because the guy did the right thing by giving the ball back.
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>> they will pay in six packs. [laughter]
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>> quick reminder about a big ipad 2 giveaway. and easy to enter. just go to sign up on our facebook page. not waste time. you have until friday at 4:00 to
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enter, and we will announce the lucky winner friday. >> but it looks like we're all winners weather-wise. >> it will be a nice day on friday as well. outside right now, this is what it was earlier today. that was an ominous sky looking from springfield. to give you an idea of the power that move through, we will not be seeing any more of those tomorrow for sure. that is a guarantee. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 80's. nice, low humidity and best of all, it continues right on into the weekend. the next chance for storms will become next tuesday or wednesday. by the way you can always keep posted on everything going on on the weather. and i about tweeted myself out. i will be back at 11:00. >> just a little break, and you will be ready to go. >> you are going to love it like
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